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Carbon Flat Roll Trading and Processing


A full service supplier and processor for global steel needs

As part of the Randall Metals Corporation family, Sun Steel maintains warehousing in Chicago and North Carolina, along with unparalleled service in the sourcing and processing of carbon flat-roll product with specific emphasis on tinplate products. We pride ourselves with extensive knowledge of the international market to provide your firm with the best material possible. 

Whether you are looking for prime, secondary or third/lowgrade products, Sun Steel can fulfill your needs. With more that 40 years in the market, we count our team of experts as some of the most knowledgeable in the field, especially within the context of secondary material.

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Areas of Practice

Tinplate, TFS and TMBP

Specialists in all qualities of tin mill products. We source from mills and service centers all over the world. Sun Steel counts itself as the most competant suppliers to all industrial, sanitary, filter and specialty tinplate buyers. 


Steel is a global commodity and as such firms must be able to work on a global scale. Sun Steel has extensive experience moving steel from around the globe in a variety of manners, truck, rail and sea. We can sell Ex Works or deliver it your facility, wherever it may be.

Carbon Flatroll

HRC, CRC, Galvanized and Prepainted material all count as part of our trading and supplying repertoire. With annual sales in excess of 120,000 MT Sun Steel can source any material from around the globe at a competitive price. 


With our facilities in Chicago and North Carolina, both measuring 210,000 sq ft and 85,000 sq ft respectively, along with various partner relationships around the world, Sun Steel can ease your supply chain needs by tailoring appropriate warehousing contracts. 


Servicing includes slitting, cut-to-length, blanking and coating/printing capabilities. Just send us your specs and we will build you a custom quote as per your unique specifications.                                                        


Manufacturing is the balance of quality and cash flows. Sun Steel understands this implicitly  and therefore works to make every transaction as advantagous to the buyer as possible. With financing available from 30 to 180 days we look to be your supplier in all aspects of production. 


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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